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Easy to use

NFT Tickets is a platform where all digital assets - NFT Tickets - are created and managed using the latest NFT (non-fungible token) technology.

Safe & Secure

NFT technology provides highly security and uses cryptographic techniques to secure transactions and protect against any kind of fraud and tampering.

Pay Drinks

NFT tickets is used to offer specials and rewards to event attendees and access to exclusive content and experiences.

Full Control

NFT technology allows the creation of unique, digital assets that can be owned and controlled by a single individual or entity.

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NFT Tickets

How does it works ?

Our platform provide a user-friendly interface for creating, managing, and trading NFT tickets. This includes features such as account management, ticket creation and management, and a marketplace for buying and selling NFT tickets.


Very easy onboarding into blockchain with your private email or social media account. After login your QR will be the “rocket” of your journey.

Buy Tickets

With a push on a button, you are easily able buy event tickets from anywhere in the world with any type of traditional or virtual currency.

Access the Event

Remember the rocket? Just use your private member QR Code to access events, to buy food and drinks and to pay for anything else.

NFT Events

Upcoming Event Listings

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NFT Event
xNight Bar
  • Friday, 20th October 2023
  • Boa Club

  • Bucuresti
NFT Event
xNight VIP
  • Friday, 20th October 2023
  • Kong Restaurant

  • Bucuresti
NFT Event
xNight General
  • Friday, 20th October 2023
  • Boa Club

  • Bucuresti
NFT Event
Fii Voluntar II
  • Saturday, 08th July 2023
  • Terasa Muzeului National De Istorie

  • Bucuresti
NFT Event
Nosferatu NFT Mint
  • Tuesday, 20th June 2023
  • Cinema Union

  • Bucuresti
NFT Event
Summer Break Festival
  • Wednesday, 31st May 2023
  • Parcul Sub Arini

  • Sibiu
NFT Event
xFest 2023
  • Saturday, 07th October 2023
  • Teatrul Excelsior

  • Bucuresti
NFT Event
Festival Lake Opening
  • Thursday, 01st June 2023
  • Festival Lake

  • Sibiu
NFT Event
Ofero Connect Sibiu
  • Wednesday, 10th May 2023
  • Joyme Pub

  • Sibiu
NFT Event
Introduction to blockchain
  • Saturday, 01st April 2023
  • Ramada Plaza by Wyndham

  • Craiova
NFT Event
Ofero Business Connect
  • Friday, 17th May 2024
  • Symphony by the Lake

  • Sibiu

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